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Transmission problems in a city humming with activity are solved by the new, coded SLDW system


In the heart of Buenos Aires, the seat of the Argentinian government kept struggling with audio technology. A great number of surrounding business buildings meant that there were many audio systems using the same standard bandwidths, causing serious interferences. Even important press conferences often didn’t run smoothly.


Government technicians found the solution to their problems in Sennheiser’s Speechline Digital Wireless series (SLDW). This elegantly designed system now flawlessly guarantees disturbance-free transmission of audio signals and renders communication with the Argentinian public smooth and simple.

Transmission problems in a city humming with activity are solved by the new, coded SLDW system

“The new SLDW system has solved all our problems at once. Its timeless elegance and flawless functioning make it an all-round winner in the technical field.”

- Ing. Alfredo Di Tomaso, Technical Manager Audio-Visual Production Unit -

In the heart of Buenos Aires, Argentina’s capital, lies the Government Building Casa Rosada. The city center is packed with office buildings and sky-scratchers. The sheer number of audio systems using the same bandwidth caused serious transmission problems and made government technicians sweat every time a press conference or an important meeting was scheduled. „We had already made use of Sennheiser equipment for several years, and we liked its functioning and transmission quality very much,“ recalls one of the responsible technicians, Ing. Alfredo Di Tomaso: „But unfortunately, these systems were not protected against interferences, and it is obvious that disturbed audio signals and noise are totally unacceptable for official announcements made by the President and other members of the Argentinian government.“

  • CLIENT Casa Rosada
  • PRODUITS INSTALLÉS SpeechLine Digital Wireless
  • PAYS Argentina
  • INDUSTRIE Government
  • PROFIL The Casa Rosada is the house of the executive power and office of the President of Argentina. The mansion has its nickname from the iconic baby pink color, and is considered one of the most emblematic buildings in Buenos Aires.

Government technicians faced the challenge of finding an audio system that met the high quality demands of the Argentinian government. During press conferences and press announcements in the conference room, they wanted to be able to rely on a high quality audio system that transmitted their speech without the slightest disturbance occurring. In light of their good past experience with Sennheiser products, Ing. Di Tomaso and his colleagues consulted their long-standing system integrator ARS, the official Sennheiser distributor in Argentina, who suggested using Sennheiser’s new Speechline Digital Wireless series (SLDW). It is equipped with DECT technology, which means it does not make use of the so often over-saturated standard bandwidths.

Convincing audio quality and ease of use …

The system was tested for several days, and everyone in the Government House was immediately impressed by the flawless functioning of the new system. „We realized straight-away that this was the kind of system we had hoped for“ says Ing. Di Tomaso. So blown away were they by the audio quality and practicality of this product that they acquired more of the mobile units for the six other rooms in the building, for training sessions, meetings and acts of government.

… are complimented by an elegant and robust design …

For daily and intensive use, the Argentinian responsibles wanted a technically sound and robust system. Now they do not only appreciate the perfect and simple functioning of the Speechline series, but are also taken with its timelessly elegant design. „We also want people to have a good first impression of our audio equipment,“ says Ing. Di Tomaso, and he adds: „Sennheiser design is always bound to impress journalists from the first time they get to use on of the hand-held units to ask questions during press conferences.“

… and provide relief for stressed technicians

For the staff of Casa Rosada, whose work is often stressful and hectic, the ease of synchronization of the transmitter and the receiver in the SLDW series is another highlight. It is coupled with the possibility to spontaneously move the equipment wherever it may be needed. „We often have last minute room changes. For everyday government work, it is vital that equipment be easy to handle even for lay people and does not let us down at any given moment.“

Bye bye, batteries – hello, USB!

Throw-away 9-V batteries are now a thing of the past – the SLDW units are charged via mini-USB. Both the environment and the technology budget of Casa Rosada profit from this new and timely solution. „All these assets in combination make the SLDW series an all-round winner,“ says Ing. Di Tomaso. „Sennheiser is a partner you can always rely on.“

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SpeechLine Digital Wireless

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